"Improving true justice"

The need to know updated planner - yearly - for your country.

What the lawyer / authorities often forget to inform you.
For charged, accused, detained, imprisoned, on probation - childrens, relatives and friends.

+ 666 priceless easy understandable tips for your protection from charged - and if - untill released
the case, mental health, media protection.

+100 pre printed forms / requests for authorities, to your lawyer
Network - Intelligent AI legal defence Chat

Some of our services

We advice your lawyer

  • 410 printed pages
  • 100 pre-printed forms / clear requests in due time is esential
  • Index - overview
  • Digital access
  • Intelligent LAW ROBOT - Chatboot defending u
  • Sections - so the imprisoned han recieve sone ( Denmark reject books from outside ).
  • Diplomacy understanding - even if u pissed - understand
  • Saving your job
  • Saving your recidence
  • Saving your mental health
  • Protecting your children, your marriage, your reputation
  • Understanding the busy underpaid lawyers position
  • Worlds biggest database - from former involved in a criminal case
  • Use the law maximum
  • We publish our own journal - and reports via journalist, bloggers and justice-ambassadors world wide

We develop in the name of justice

Managing information from involved in a criminalcase - database of experiences

Minimum response

Maximum defence if you get involved in a criminal case

We keep track of lawers results

Advicing you the best lawyers ( by our oppinion ).